My name is Alexander Lang and I’m a 3D-Artist and Designer. There’s nothing I enjoy more than creating art in a way that I can feel connected to it. It has always been important to me that there’s an idea behind an artpiece, maybe even a whole world, which it can be a part of. This approach really helps me to make the products much more believable and accompanies me through the whole creation process.

I have a passion for 3D-Art in particular and therefore specialized in the modeling, texturing and lighting of high quality models but also got many insights of other departments like animation. I’m flexible and highly motivated when it comes to projects and working in a team, as I try to solve problems in the fastest way possible. I’m very ambitious and always eager to learn more in order to become a better artist.

I really think that one never stops learning and because of this mindset, I’ll always find time to keep up with technology and broaden my skill set.